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Jamaican Guinep Fruit

The Guinep fruit is a small tropical fruit that grow widely through out Jamaica and the Caribbean.

guinep fruit

The fruit is also know as Spanish lime, mamoncillo, genip or ackee in other Caribbean countries such as Guyana and St Lucia

You may have heard of guinep or eaten the fruit before but how much do you know about it?

In this post we will share with you all we know about the Guinep.

What is this Guinep fruit anyway?

Guineps are small round or oval shaped fruits with a green outer skin, which is always green whether the fruit is young or matured.

When the fruit is matured, inside the skin you will find a single seed surrounded by light orange jelly-like pulp.

Lychee fruit the the guinep is somewhat liken to each other.

If you like lychee, you may like guinep as well.

guinep vs lychee
guinep vs lychee

Guinep grow in bunches on large trees that bare fruits between the end of June and the ending of August throughout Jamaica and the Caribbean.

The guinep tree grows well in warm climates, which is why you will find guinep in areas such a South America, the Caribbean, Hawaii and the Philippines.

Type of Guineps

There are various types of guineps.

You can differentiate between the types based on the texture and thickness of the skin, the colour and texture of the pulp, the size and shape of the fruit and of course the taste.

Some guineps have smooth, thick skin while you will find guinep with thin coarse skin.

The colour of the pulp ranges from a light orange to a brighter orange.

what is guinep?

The lighter the pulps the firmer the pulp tends to be.

Brighter orange pulp is softer and is easily removed from the seed with just a few sucks.

How to eat the Guinep fruit?

In Jamaica the guinep is mostly eaten raw. Because of the toxin in the young guinep, it is not wise to eat it before it is matured.

Once the fruit is matured, pick the guinep from the tree bite through the skin and break it open.

Put the guinep into your mouth and suck the pulp from the seed then spit the seed out.

It is common for Jamaicans to chew the pulp and seed together and eat it as the seed is edible.

The seed is sometimes boiled in salted water or roasted and eaten with honey.

Guinep is also use use to make a very refreshing drink, which you can learn to make here.

Guinep Benefits

Jamaica guinep fruit
Bunches of Guinep

Guinep contain properties such as vitamin C that helps to boost the immune system. Guinep is cholesterol free, low in fat and low in calories.

The guinep leaf is know to make a tea that treats intestinal problems and help stop diarrhea.


If you are ever in Jamaica during the summer time, mare sure you try guinep because Jamaican Foods and Recipes said you will like it.

Make sure to have a look at the guinep drink recipe and try it the next time you get some guinep.

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  1. JeaninevPeters

    I ate guinnapes YEARS ago when I lived in the Canal Zone in the mid 50s and 60s. I am in Fla now and would love. I can find in Ft Meyers area

  2. Try fruist Markets In miami, they might sip them to you.

  3. In Miami city the Fruits Stores has them on season because it is a seasonal fruit.

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