5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sweetsop

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Sweetsop

The sweetsop is a knobbly green skinned fruit that is native of the West Indies and of South America. Said to have first been discover in Jamaica it grows widely across the island.

Because of it’s very sweet taste it is sometimes called sugar apple and is a common fruit eaten by all when it is in season.

The sweetsop has a small roundish heart like shape, similar to custard apple is often get mistaken for one. Jamaican sweetsop

When the sweetsop is mature and rip it is very soft and the space between each knobby segments open. The fruit easily breaks apart for easy access to the sweet creamy flesh inside. 

The texture of the flesh is similar to soursop or custard apple. It is creamy, slightly grainy but much sweeter than both fruits. Like the soursop the flesh contain seeds in each sops, which is easily removed when eating. Rip Sweetsop

The sweet is not just a devious fruit but also have tone of help benefits. it is high in fibre for healthy digestion. A great source of vitamin C to help build the immune system. N wonder Jamaican rarely get the flu. 

Five facts about sweetsop 

  1.  It has a very sweet taste
  2. It is only eaten when rip
  3. It’s flesh is simpler to custard apple but it is not custard apple.
  4. It has a lumpy green skin whether is it green or rip
  5.  It is very healthy being high in fibre, vitamin B and potassium  

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