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Jamaican Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe

The Jamaican rum punch cocktail recipe is a classic, made with the famous Wray & Nephew white rum and Jamaican Appleton dark rum. Rum punch is not just a cocktail you drink on holiday in Jamaica. It’s great for your parties at home because you can make big batches of this “help-yourself” drink. 

Jamaican rum punch cocktail recipe

Jamaican Rum Punch Cocktail

Jamaican rum punch is a fruity drink with a rum base. This tropical rum is popular among tourists and Jamaicans alike.

This easy-to-make rum punch is made with simple ingredients; fruit punch, pineapple juice, lime and of course the rum! And if you want to spice up your rum punch, add a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon.

The secret formula to making a good Jamaican rum punch cocktail is 1 part sour, 2 parts sweet, 3 parts strong and 4 parts weak. The lime is sour, the syrup is sweet, the rum is strong, and the fruit juice is weak.

rum punch

What Rum Is Best For Rum Punch?

If you’re going to make a Jamaican rum punch cocktail, you have to use Jamaican rum. Jamaican rum is one of the best in the world, so why wouldn’t you use it?

The best rum for your rum punch is the famous Wray and Nephew White Overproof Rum and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, which are used in this recipe.

Use a fruit punch of your choice as long as it is fruity like it was made from real fruits. Rum punch cocktail should have a tropical flavour.

What Goes In Jamaican Rum Punch

Here are the list of ingredients for rum punch:

Ingredients for rum punch
  • Rum: Of course rum, Wray and Nephew white overproof rum and Appleton dark rum.
  • Syrup: I am using Grace strawberry, but you could also use cherry syrup. Use any syrup as long as it is a red fruit syrup.
  • Fruit juice: You could use the fruit punch for making this rum cocktail because fruit punch is made with various fruits. And this was how rum punch was traditionally made. But using an additional fruit juice will give the rum punch a bit more punch!
  • Lime: Is essential to the recipe.
  • Add a bit of zing: Using spices is optional. It’s not traditionally used when making rum punch, but try it and see if you like it.

How To Make

How to make Jamaican rum punch

You can make the rum punch in a cocktail shaker as I did or a punch bowl if you’re making large amounts. Using a cocktail shaker is great for when you’re making the rum punch for one to two people at a time.

When using a cocktail shaker, add ice, then all the ingredients, close and shake vigorously. However, when making a large amount, don’t add ice because it will dilute the rum punch before serving.

It is good to leave the rum punch to sit for a while before serving. So you can make the rum punch an hour or two before the party starts. But remember not to add ice!

Can Rum Punch Get You Drunk?

Rum cocktail

Yes, rum punch can get you drunk. But it depends on the amount you drink, your body mass and whether you’re male or female.

Like any cocktail drink, rum punch tastes more like fruit juice than an alcoholic beverage. And this can trick you into drinking more than you can handle.

Remember to drink responsibly when having any drink that contains alcohol.

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Jamaican rum punch cocktail recipe

Jamaican Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe

Simple and easy Jamaican rum punch recipe you will like!
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Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Jamaican
Keyword: alcoholic, cocktail
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2 people
Calories: 57kcal
Author: Lesa


  • 120 ml (½ cups) White rum
  • 60 ml (¼ cups) Dark rum
  • 120 ml (½ cups) Strawberry syrup
  • 120 ml (½ cups) Fruit punch
  • 120 ml (½ cups) Pineapple juice
  • 60 ml (¼ cups) Lime Juice
  • pinch Cinnamon (optional)
  • pinch Nutmeg (optional)


  • Add ice to your cocktail shaker along with the rest of the ingredients (lime juice, rum, syrup, fruit punch, pineapple juice, cinnamon and nutmeg).
  • Shake vigorously 10 times and pour over ice.
  • If you're using a rum punch bowl, pour all the ingredients into the bowl and give it a good mix. Leave to sit for a little while before serving over ice.


  • The cinnamon and nutmeg are optional, but once you try them, you won’t make your rum punch without them.
  • Remember to leave the rum punch to sit for a little while before serving if you make it in a bowl. Don’t add ice! 
  • One serving in the hurricane glasses I used is 420ml or 14oz. 


Nutrition Facts
Jamaican Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe
Serving Size
420 ml
Amount per Serving
% Daily Value*
Saturated Fat
Polyunsaturated Fat
Monounsaturated Fat
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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    I love dark rum! I an definitely making this on the weekend

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    The only thing I drink when I am on holiday in Jamaica, now I can make it anytime I would. Great recipe.

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    This cocktail sounds amazing! I love pineapple juice and anything tropical!

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    So simple and divine. This Jamaican rum punch sounds amazing. I’m a huge pineapple fan so I think I’d love it. I’d have to go easy on the rum though. Nice cocktail. Can’t wait to make it soon.

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    Made this for a birthday party and OMG it went down a treat!! Now I have it on request for other people’s parties😂😂

  7. Marvette Swaby

    5 stars
    I enjoy making this for friends,Thank you lesa for this awesome recipe.

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  9. Monya Motley

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    I just made for a Birthday party for this Saturday allowing the flavors to marinate together. But ask me why I tasted😵‍💫? Wow It’s very tasty 😋 but will kick you in the pants. I love it🥰

  10. Super! I need a tropical fruit punch recipe as I’m not a fan of the ‘fake’ juices. That said, this is classic and hits the spot!

    Float a 1/2 ounce of Wray and Nephew atop each glass!

    Instead of strawberry syrup, grenadine works lovely!

  11. Suzanne Mullings

    What type of fruit punch is recommended for this recipe?

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  14. I am trying make the Jamaican Rum for 40-50 people. How much alcohol and punch do I need.

    • Hi Jamailla, if you hover over the number of serving in the recipe card and a slider with pop up. You can slide it to the desired serving and the recipe will change to match it.

  15. 5 stars
    Best recipe ever!!! Thank you!!

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