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jamaican pumpkin punch recipe

Jamaican Pumpkin Punch Recipe  

Prepare to have your taste buds dancing with the perfect Jamaican pumpkin punch recipe. The pumpkin punch combines pumpkin, milk, and spices for a memorable drink—an easy pumpkin punch recipe with simple ingredients. What is a Jamaican pumpkin? Jamaican pumpkin is also known as Jamaican calabaza or West Indian pumpkin. […]

Jamaican rum punch cocktail recipe

Jamaican Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe

The Jamaican rum punch cocktail recipe is a classic, made with the famous Wray & Nephew white rum and Jamaican Appleton dark rum. Rum punch is not just a cocktail you drink on holiday in Jamaica. It’s great for your parties at home because you can make big batches of this […]

Alcoholic plantain punch

Plantain Punch Recipe

How to make plantain punch – a simple punch drink recipe for any occasion and time of the year, as plantain is available all year round. Whether you use green or ripe plantain, with or without alcohol, you will have a great-tasting Jamaican punch drink. What is plantain Plantain is […]

Jamaican peanut punch with oats

Peanut Punch Recipe

This Jamaican peanut punch recipe is grown folks’ business. It contains the alcoholic beverage Guinness and the supplement drink Supligen.  Remove the Guinness and swap the Supligen with oats milk to make the best peanut punch the whole family can have. Jamaican Peanut Punch In Jamaica, homemade Peanut punch isn’t a […]

Guinness punch recipe

How To Make Guinness Punch

You are going to love the great taste of Jamaican Guinness punch. Made with just six simple ingredients and ready in 5 minutes. A great way to have a stout beer! Alcoholic Beverage: The Taste Of Guinness Punch Traditionally made with Guinness, Supligen, condensed milk and spices, this punch drink is for […]