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plantain punch recipe

Plantain Punch Recipe

How to make plantain punch – a simple punch drink recipe you can make for any occasions and anytime of the year. Plantain is available all year round so you can make this punch drink anytime you feel. What Is Plantain Punch? Plantain punch is a milk based punch drink […]

Jamaican plantain porridge

Jamaican plantain porridge recipe

Jamaican plantain porridge is one of my favourites porridges so I had to share the recipe. Made just like banana porridge, but taste slightly different and have more body. Break that routine morning breakfast preparation and have one of Jamaican favourite porridges. Plantain Porridge Plantain porridge is once of Jamaicans […]

jamaican plantain chips recipe

Jamaican Crispy Plantain Chips Recipe

Homemade plantain chips recipe, made from scratch. Very simple and easy, you won’t buy another plantain chips in store again. Plantain Chips This plantain chips made green plantain and flavour with salt and other seasoning. Chips made from plantain or banana are one of Jamaica’s popular snacks, with banana being […]

Jamaican plantain fritters recipe

Jamaican Plantain Fritter Recipe

These plantain fritters are so tasty and they are easy to make. Sweet ripe plantain crushed and mixed with flour and spice then fried for the soft lovely dish. What Is Plantain Fritters Plantain fritters is a fried batter made with very ripe plantain, plain flour and flavoured with sugar, […]