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Jamaican Food: What Is Breadfruit?

The breadfruit is a staple food in Jamaica that looks slightly similar to the jackfruit with a roundish oval shape and lumpy green skin.

What Is Breadfruit?

The tree grows only in warm climate through the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands and South Asia.

There massive tree grow through out Jamaica especially I the countryside. The tree can grow up to 32 to 70 feet tall with huge branches.

The breadfruit gets its name because of its bread like texture when cooked. Although it has fruit in its name, the breadfruit is said to be a vegetable and if is prepare as such in Jamaica.


How To Eat Breadfruit 

This very starchy vegetable can be eaten raw when ripe. It does have a sweetish taste but the latex that the tree and fruit product gives it a “cliding” taste.

It’s not very popular but the ripe fruit is something uses to make drink. The most popular Jamaican prepare the breadfruit is to cook it.

In Jamaica one of the most popular way to cook the breadfruit is to roast it. We do this outdoors on a wood fire.

When roasted it is commonly eaten with the Jamaican National Dish, curry chicken or curry goat and other side dish for breakfast lunch or dinner. 

Jamaican food breadfruit roasted

The roasted breadfruit is fried and eaten with side dish such as steamed callaloo or ackee and salt fish for breakfast.

Jamaicans also boiled the breadfruit, sometimes with other “hard food” or soups. When boiled it has a potato like texture and is easily mashed. But Jamaicans mash the breadfruit only when they are going to feed it to babies. 

The ripe fruit makes lovely fritter because of its gummy texture and sweet taste when ripe.

Breadfruits contain more amino acids than soy making it a great source for protein and more vitamin c than banana.

Also packed with carbohydrate from its starchiness, this fruit provides lots of energy to the body.

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