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Exploring Jamaican Foods: Star Fruit And Its Benefits

Exploring Jamaican Foods: Star Fruit Benefits. In this week’s highlight of Jamaican food, I am excited to share this fruit that was a childhood memory growing up. The Star Fruit, also known as (Averrhoa Carambola), is a popular exotic fruit that will make an exquisite addition to your dishes.


What is Star Fruit?

If you are a lover of fruits, you will enjoy this rare tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia. The fruit is also grown in India, Malaysia, the Philippines and the Caribbean.

Popularly known as Star Fruit, otherwise called Jimbilin in Jamaica, it’s unforgettable due to its unique shape of a star and also its taste. 

The star fruit is 2-6 inches and has 5-7 ridges running down its sides. 

Not to be mistaken for Star Apple, Star fruit is dark green when unripe, but it turns yellow as it ripens. The skin is edible, crunchy in texture and also has a minimal sour taste.


When Is Star fruit Season In Jamaica?

Summer is one of the best seasons to expect in Jamaica for many fruits harvested within this period. That includes star fruit which extends into September and December through February. 

However, there are a few fruits available throughout the year.


How To Eat It And How Does It Taste?

Firstly, make sure the fruit is ripe. It should be yellow with only a hint of green. 

Make sure to wash it thoroughly.

Then you can go right ahead and bite into your start fruit, fresh off the tree with no additives or preservatives.

Another alternative is to cut off the edges and slice them to make a presentable fruit salad even the children will enjoy. 

 Do you love grapes? Then the star fruit is a familiar taste to a green grape with a slight sweet-sour flavour. The entire fruit can be eaten raw, even the seeds.

How To Store The Star Fruit?

Ripe star fruit can be kept in a room-temperature environment for at least two to three days before eating.

Also, if not ready to eat, ripe star fruit can be stored in the refrigerator unwashed in a plastic bag for up to one week.

Also, unripe star fruits are kept at room temperature for an extended period to get ready in about two weeks. And four weeks of refrigerated

Does Star Fruit Have Nutritional Benefits?

Star Fruit is filled with antioxidant vitamins and minerals suitable for everyday life. The Jimbilin fruit is also high in fibre and low in calories. This fruit has several nutrients that contribute to the cardiovascular system, digestive system, and lower cholesterol. And on top of that boosts energy and improves skin.

According to the National Kidney Foundation and studies found in BMC Research Notes, individuals with kidney disease may develop serious health issues if they eat star fruit.

Disclaimer: The author makes no guarantees as to the curative effect of any herb or tonic on this website, and no visitor should attempt to use any of the information herein provided as treatment for any illness, weakness, or disease without first consulting a physician or health care provider. Pregnant women should always consult first with a health care professional before taking any treatment.

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