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About Us

Jamaicanfoodsandrecipes.com is rapidly becoming the largest website on the internet for content on how to cook Jamaican food with a growing catalog of authentic Jamaican recipes and food from Jamaica.

Averaging over 100,000 page views and more than 50,000 unique visitors per month from all over the world, Jamaicanfoodsandrecipes.com is the online information gateway into the culinary culture of Jamaica and Jamaican food.

Launched in 2015, Jamaicanfoodsandrecipes.com provides recipes and instructions on how to cook Jamaican foods and information about food from Jamaica.

Traditional Jamaican recipes

The recipe category is the section where you learn how to cook authentic, traditional Jamaican cuisines. If there is a common Jamaican dish that you like to cook, you will find the recipes in this category. I you do not not see the recipes you want, request it by contacting us and we will do our best the make it appear on the website.

Drink recipes

In the drink category you will find some of the most popular and traditional Jamaican drink recipes. From fruit juices to punches to our most drinker beverage, teas.

Creative cooking

This category is called creative cooking because recipes shares here are not the traditional Jamaican cuisine. It is either a Jamaican dish that is not common or traditional, someone create a lovely dish using Jamaican ingredients or a recipe that is not authentically Jamaican but have a Jamaican style or flavour to it.

Jamaican food

In this category you learn about the foods of Jamaica, some you may know and some you may not have heard of before. We share information about these foods, from there health benefits to there origins,  times these foods are in season and even how they are cooked… if they can be cooked. Hope you will learn something new from this category.