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Jamaican Saltfish rundown

Jamaican Saltfish Run Down (Rundung)

You have to try this Jamaican saltfish run down or saltfish run dung as we Jamaican pronounced it, recipe. This traditional recipe has a sweet taste from the coconut that goes well with hard food. What is Run Down (Rundung)? A Jamaican run down (rundung) dish is basically any food […]

mackerel rundown

Mackerel rundown recipe Jamaican dish

The mackerel rundown or “rundung” as we Jamaicans say, is a traditional Jamaican dish usually eaten for breakfast. Sunday mornings my grandmother would make run down (rundung) and serve it with hard food. Related Recipes: Saltfish Run down, Saltfish Butterbean Recipe, Mackerel run down is salted mackerel cooked down in […]