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jamaican red peas soup without meat

Jamaican Red Peas Soup Without Meat

Learn how to make Jamaican red peas soup without meat. Easy, delicious vegan peas soup with coconut milk. The Jamaican Ital soup is perfect for vegans or someone who is having a meat free day. Red peas soup is very similar to stew peas. Both dishes uses the same ingredients and […]

chickpeas curry

Curry chickpeas (Jamaican Style)

Jamaican style curry chickpeas inspired by Jamaican curry and Indian curry chana masala. A fusion of two culture to make the delicious dish. Curry Fusion I love chickpea so much could eat it every day. I’ve cooked this dish so many times I think the mastered it to perfection. I […]

Ital vegan stew peas

Ital Stew Peas Vegan Recipe

Ital stew peas is a vegan recipe made with red kidney beans, vegetables cooked in coconut milk. This well-flavoured savoury dish (with a hit of sweetness from the coconut) makes the perfect high protein dinner for any vegan. Ital Stew Peas Is Vegan So what is Ital anyway? Ital is […]

jamaican plantain chips recipe

Jamaican Crispy Plantain Chips Recipe

Homemade plantain chips recipe, made from scratch. Very simple and easy, you won’t buy another plantain chips in store again. Plantain Chips This plantain chips made green plantain and flavour with salt and other seasoning. Chips made from plantain or banana are one of Jamaica’s popular snacks, with banana being […]

Jamaican steamed cabbage

Jamaican Steamed Cabbage recipe

Jamaican steamed cabbage is very simple and easy to prepare it makes a brilliant mid-week dinner. This dish is rich in flavour the whole family will love it. There are so many reasons to try steamed cabbage, it takes little time to cook, it is very healthy, it taste great […]