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jamaican festival dumpling

Sweet Jamaican Festival Dumpling

Jamaican festival dumpling is a type of street food eaten most with  escovitch fish or Jamaican jerk chicken. You will love the sweet taste festival dumpling once you try it. Festival dumpling is made from cornmeal, plain flour and sugar. The type of cornmeal and the amount used is important. […]

salt fish fritters

Jamaican salt fish fritter

Jamaican salt fish fritter is my favourite fritters. It is so filling and that is what I like most about it. Jamaican Salt fish Fritter Saltfish fritter in simple terms is salt fish and seasoning mixed in the very soft dumpling dough then fired. The soft flour mixture and the […]

Jamaican fried dumpling recipe

Jamaican fried dumpling recipes

So you love Jamaican fried dumpling and want to learn how to make it? You will be surprised how simple and easy fried dumpling is to make. Just three ingredients! Fried Dumplings Everyone loves a good fried dumpling. The golden crust on the outside and the soft bread like texture […]