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Jamaican Boil hard food

How To Cook Jamaican Hard Food?

Boiled hard food, easy to make, is very filling and goes when well with most traditional Jamaican main dishes. Yellow yam, green banana, pumpkin, ripe plantain and flour dumpling boiled in salted water. What is Jamaican Hard Food Hard food is ground provisions such as yam, green banana, plantain, potato, […]

jamaican festival dumpling

Sweet Jamaican Festival Dumpling

Jamaican festival dumpling is a type of street food eaten most with  escovitch fish or Jamaican jerk chicken. You will love the sweet taste festival dumpling once you try it. Festival dumpling is made from cornmeal, plain flour and sugar. The type of cornmeal and the amount used is important. […]

Callaloo with Saltfish

Jamaican Callaloo with Saltfish Recipe

Both callaloo and saltfish are staple foods in Jamaica. This tasty side dish is easy to make with some simple ingredient. Add some Jamaican flavour to your hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner with this easy recipe. Callaloo is a large green leafy vegetable similar to the spinach. It grows in […]

salt fish fritters

Jamaican salt fish fritter

Jamaican salt fish fritter is my favourite fritters. It is so filling and that is what I like most about it. Jamaican Salt fish Fritter Saltfish fritter in simple terms is salt fish and seasoning mixed in the very soft dumpling dough then fired. The soft flour mixture and the […]

Jamaican steamed cabbage

Jamaican Steamed Cabbage recipe

Jamaican steamed cabbage is very simple and easy to prepare it makes a brilliant mid-week dinner. This dish is rich in flavour the whole family will love it. There are so many reasons to try steamed cabbage, it takes little time to cook, it is very healthy, it taste great […]