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Jamaican fish soup

Jamaican Fish Tea Soup

Jamaican fish tea soup is one of my favourite Jamaican soups. This refreshing fish soup has a thin fish broth with very little solid food. Fish Tea Soup Why it is call fish tea? It is because the soup bit (broth) is much thinner that other type of Jamaican soups […]

Jamaican Saltfish rundown

Jamaican Saltfish Run Down (Rundung)

You have to try this Jamaican saltfish run down or saltfish run dung as we Jamaican pronounced it, recipe. This traditional recipe has a sweet taste from the coconut that goes well with hard food. What is Run Down (Rundung)? A Jamaican run down (rundung) dish is basically any food […]

Jamaican steamed fish recipe

Jamaican steamed fish recipe

This Jamaican steamed fish recipe makes a delicious fish dinner. Comes with a savoury sauce and made in ONE pot. Yup, just throw it all in one pan, steam it, and you end up with a tender juicy fish in a tasty fish sauce. Steamed Fish Steamed fish is once […]

Callaloo with Saltfish

Jamaican Callaloo with Saltfish Recipe

Both callaloo and saltfish are staple foods in Jamaica. This tasty side dish is easy to make with some simple ingredient. Add some Jamaican flavour to your hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner with this easy recipe. Callaloo is a large green leafy vegetable similar to the spinach. It grows in […]

Jamaican Brown Stew fish

Jamaican brown stew fish recipe

This Jamaican brown stew fish is just magical, very delicious fish recipe! The fish version of Jamaican brown stew chicken, it is first fried them simmered down in a down to a sweet-savory sauce. Brown Stew Fish Brown stew fish is fried fish them stewed down on low heat in […]