Exploring Jamaican Foods

Guava fruit

Exploring Jamaican Foods: Guava Fruit

Guava (Psidium guajava) is a tropical fruit native to southern Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, which is why you will find it growing naturally throughout Jamaica. Guava is now widely cultivated and naturalized in most tropical areas worldwide. Globally, Guava is known as a superfood, but for most Jamaicans, […]

Jamaican fruit star apple

Jamaican fruit star apple

The Jamaican fruit star apple, which comes from the Chrysophyllum cainito tree, gets its name from the star like shape of the core that can be seen when the fruit is cut open across the middle. Being a tropical fruit, the start apple only grow in hot climate and is […]

jamaican fruits papaya

Jamaican fruit papaya

The Jamaican  fruit papaya is not as popular as say mango, Jamaican apple but it is one of many fruits that grow in the beautiful tropical island. Even though papaya can be found through the year, the fruit is more popular through its short seasonal period, which is between June […]

What Is Breadfruit?

Jamaican Food: What Is Breadfruit?

The breadfruit is a staple food in Jamaica that looks slightly similar to the jackfruit with a roundish oval shape and lumpy green skin. The tree grows only in warm climate through the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands and South Asia. There massive tree grow through out Jamaica especially I the […]