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Jamaican sorrel drink recipe

Jamaican Sorrel drink recipe

It’s Christmas time, so it is no surprise that I am sharing this Jamaican sorrel drink recipe, Jamaica’s traditional Christmas drink. Sorrel, What Is It? Make from the sorrel flower, packed with white rum and flavoured with ginger and pimento. The Jamaican sorrel drink is a Christmas beverage traditionally drink only at […]

Tamarind drink recipe

Tamarind drink recipe

I am go excited to share with you this  tamarind drink recipe. This delicious drink is so refreshing and it is very easy to. If you like tamarind, you will definitely love the drink.  Tamarind grows widely through out Jamaica and is use to make a lot of enables such […]

guinness punch

How to make Guinness Punch

You are going to love the great taste of Jamaican Guinness punch. Made with made with the just six simple ingredients and ready in 5 minutes. Alcoholic Beverage: The Taste Of Guinness Punch Made with Guinness, this one is for the adults in the family and the ones who drink alcohol. […]

Jamaican beetroot juice, with and without milk

Jamaican beetroot juice recipe

Learn how to make beetroot juice juice the Jamaican way. Have beetroot juice two juice two ways. Simple recipe! There are two ways that Jamaican beetroot juice is normally made, one sweeten with milk and the other flavoured with ginger, lime and sugar. Your beetroot juice options just multiplied and […]