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Peanut porridge recipe

Peanut Porridge Recipe

Peanut porridge recipe. Creamy, smooth and delicious, Jamaican peanut porridge makes a great start to your day. Raw peanuts, fresh milk and common spices, yummy! What Is Peanut Porridge? Peanut porridge is a Jamaican porridge made from raw peanut, water, milk, aromatic spices and sweeten to taste with condensed milk […]

Jamaican banana porridge recipes

Jamaican banana porridge

Making Jamaican banana porridge is very simple and easy. This banana porridge is delicious and it makes a great breakfast for both children and adults. Banana Porridge If you never add banana porridge before you may be wondering what it is. Banana Porridge is a Jamaican breakfast, made with green bananas and […]

Jamaican plantain porridge

Jamaican plantain porridge recipe

Jamaican plantain porridge is one of my favourites porridges so I had to share the recipe. Made just like banana porridge, but taste slightly different and have more body. Break that routine morning breakfast preparation and have one of Jamaican favourite porridges. Plantain Porridge Plantain porridge is once of Jamaicans […]

Mackerel rundown

Mackerel Rundown Recipe

Salt mackerel rundown (rundung) is an “old time” Jamaican recipe still popular to this day. The sweet coconut milk balance out the saltiness of the mackerel, infused with flavour from the scotch bonnet pepper, pimento and thyme. Want a taste of Jamaica, this is it! What Is Jamaica Rundown? Rundown […]

jamaican rice porridge recipe

Jamaican rice porridge recipe

Try this Jamaican rice porridge recipe for tasty, creamy, healthy breakfast. Easy to make with rice, cinnamon, nutmeg and your favourite milk. Rice porridge is not the most popular Jamaican porridge but when it come to taste, it falls in the top category. How To Make Rice Porridge From Scratch […]