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guinep drink

The best Jamaican guinep drink recipe

Every Jamaicans knows the guinep fruit, but not everyone of us uses it to make drink. But this drink is very refreshing and it is very easy to make. The guinep is a tropical fruit that grow widely through Jamaica during the summer time. It is mainly eaten raw, but […]

best Jamaican ginger beer

The best Jamaican ginger beer recipe

Jamaican Ginger Beer Recipe. This is an old-time Jamaican recipe that has been past down from generations. Rich is flavour is yet very easy to make! Jamaican Ginger Beer If you have never made your own Jamaican ginger beer, you have to try it. This is a simple and easy […]

jamaican sorrel drink recipe

Jamaican Sorrel drink recipe

Tis the Season, so I am sharing this sorrel drink recipe, a Jamaican traditional Christmas drink. Get some white rum, spices, ginger, sorrel and make it a Jamaican Christmas in your kitchen. What Is It Sorrel Drink? The Jamaican sorrel drink is a traditional Christmas beverage made from the Roselle […]

Tamarind drink recipe

Tamarind Drink Recipe

You have to try this tamarind drink recipe. This delicious drink is so refreshing and it is very easy to make. What better way to have tamarind? What Is Tamarind Tamarind is a tropical fruit that resembles bean pods. When the tamarind is young, the outer shell has a greenish […]

Guinness punch recipe

How To Make Guinness Punch

You are going to love the great taste of Jamaican Guinness punch. Made with just six simple ingredients and ready in 5 minutes. A great way to have a stout beer! Alcoholic Beverage: The Taste Of Guinness Punch Traditionally made with Guinness, Supligen, condensed milk and spices, this punch drink is for […]